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We are brain and body whole wellness

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We are brain and body whole wellness

About Ashley

Ashley Yancy is a board certified nurse practitioner who received her Masters in Nursing – Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner degree from Walden University in 2020. She received her certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Ashley also holds certifications in Medical Aesthetics. Ashley has worked closely with the elderly for 10 years. Caring for those who suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, she realized that the world needed something. Ashley created this mental and medical spa with the intent to treat and educate the younger population on the consequences of not caring for themselves now. Every choice has a consequence, and choosing to not properly care for yourself now could result in non curable diseases and permanent circumstances later. Educating the world about chronic health conditions that could possibly be prevented with healthy lifestyle changes is the goal at House of Restoration. Take care of yourself today, because your tomorrow’s self depends on it. 

Our Services

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Cosmetic Services

  • Teeth Whitening Consultation

    Your smile is one of the first things that people will notice about you. Make a lasting impression! During this consultation, we will ensure that you are a good match for teeth whitening treatment at this time. It is important to us that you are in a place to receive the maximum benefits from your service.


  • Botox Consultation

    During your Botox consultation, we will discuss your history with botox, long-term goals of treatment, and what to expect during the treatment. Consultations are important because it provides you with an opportunity to ask questions or bring up any concerns that you may have.


  • Botox

    Botox injections work by weakening or paralyzing certain muscles or by blocking certain nerves. This results in wrinkle-free skin! Botox can last from 2-5 months. Staying on top of your treatment is important to allow the body time to adapt. Getting your Botox treatments on a regular basis for one year or so could lead to a decreased amount of botox needed in the future.
    You will follow up in 14 days after your treatment. Touch ups will be performed free of charge at your follow up if it is needed. Touch ups will not be performed before that 14 day mark, and will not be performed after the 21 day mark. Coming after the 21 day mark for a touch up will not be covered.


  • Teeth Whitening Sessions

    Let’s enhance your smile with teeth whitening! Everyone deserves to be confident in their own skin. Having a gorgeous white smile could give you that boost that you’re looking for. During this session, before treatment pictures will be taken, as well as after treatment pictures. This will allow us to check the progress of your service. To see maximum results, it is best to have your teeth whitened every two to three weeks.

Peptide Therapy for Menopause

You do not have to fight menopause alone! This package is for women suffering from hormonal imbalances that are created once they start to go through menopause and after. This package includes one office visit, and hormone replacement medication (we discussed your medication plan during consultation). 

Peptide therapy benefits- Healthy immune system, enhanced sex drive, hormone regulation, increased metabolism, enhanced sleep, and fat-blasting. This is overall wellness!

  • B12 Injection

    Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in metabolism. Metabolism can affect your weight, appetite, and energy level. Without the right amount of vitamins, you may feel fatigued, forgetful, and could be at a greater risk for heart disease. Having balanced levels of vitamin B12 gives you that boost of energy!

  • Fat Burner Injection

    The Fat Burner Injection is a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that help metabolize fat in the body. Combined with diet and exercise, this injection can speed up the process of fat breakdown and enhance your physical goals.

IV Drips
  • The Fighter IV Drip

    Fight those germs with fire! This drip is packed with vitamins and minerals to wash away those germs and illness! Building a healthy immune system is vital. This is armor for your immune system! Book this drip every two weeks to receive maximum benefits.


  • The Power Pack IV Drip

    Who’s looking for an energy boost?! We could all use a little pick me up right? This drip is packed with energy to give you that extra boost that is needed to jumpstart your day! Book this drip every two weeks to receive maximum benefits.


  • The Skin Repair IV Drip

    Did someone say “fountain of youth?” This drip is packed with nutrients to give your skin that glow and flawless look! Aging is inevitable, but looking your age is in your hands. Pair this drip with your next Botox treatment! Trust me, you won’t regret it. Book this drip every two weeks to receive maximum benefits.


  • In a Mood IV Drip

    It’s just one of those days, everyday huh? Yeah we know! This IV drip is known for elevating mood, promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and decreasing depression symptoms. To receive maximum benefits, it is best to drip every two weeks. Take control of your mental health now!


  • Home of the bag of IV Fluids

    Dehydration is when the body is losing more fluids than what is being put in. This can result from excessive sweating, drinking too much alcohol, or poor appetite. This service is a bag of fluids only. IV add ons are available.


  • IV Drip – Add-on – Anti-nausea

    IV add ons can be added to any IV Drip. Zofran is the medication used.


  • IV Drip – Add-on – Pain

    IV add ons can be added to any IV Drip. Toradol is the medication used.


  • IV Drips when you spend $300 or more!

    Add any IV drip on to a monthly package of $300 or more! Book your drip every two weeks to receive maximum benefits. With you purchasing your monthly package, the drip is only $99 every two weeks. You will save $160.00/month on IV Hydration alone!

Weight Management
  • Weight Loss Consultation

    I am so excited that you are taking this step towards improving your health! This is a big deal. You are important and your body matters. During your consultation we will discuss your goals for weight loss, how you want to go about losing weight, and the best options for you. Everyone is different, so each plan of care is personalized specifically to you. Congratulate yourself on taking this step. This will change your life forever. Now let’s head to longterm wellness!


  • Phentermine Only

    I am so proud of you! You have taken the first step to long term wellness. Phentermine is used for weight loss. This medication is taken daily for 12 weeks. Each month before prescription renewal, you have to come into the office for a visit. You have to show improvement in your weight, or the medication will be discontinued. If you miss/skip a visit, you have to wait 6 months before starting this or any other weight loss medication. Missing a visit will result in you not receiving the medication. This includes your office visit and medication only.


  • Natural Weight Loss Bundle

    Congratulations on choosing long term wellness! This package is for someone who wants to take things slow. The Pretty Skinny Starter is great at increasing metabolism, sustaining energy, carb crushing, providing the body with essential vitamins & minerals, and blasting fat! Free B12 or Lipo injection included every month. All natural weight loss at your finger tips! This bundle is great for those on a budget. You can achieve a healthy lifestyle for a week!


  • Bella Weight Loss & Wellness- Medication Only

    The Bella Weight Loss & Wellness is geared towards those who want to benefit from a total life change. This combo pill is a known for elevating mood, decreasing appetite cravings, and increasing energy levels. Being able to lose weight and maintain the weight loss can become frustrating and challenging. If this is your struggle, this is the medication for you! This service only includes the medication.


  • Weight Loss
  • Better Mood
  • Energy Boost
  • Fat Blaster


  • Bella Weight Loss & Wellness Bundle

    Bella Weight Loss Bundle is geared towards those who want to benefit from a total life change. This combo pill is a known for elevating mood, decreasing appetite cravings, and increasing energy levels. Being able to lose weight and maintain the weight loss can become frustrating and challenging. If this is your struggle, this is the medication for you! This service includes the medication, 30 day supply of our all natural multivitamin, and wellness spray that promotes better mood.


  • Weight Loss
  • Better Mood
  • Energy Boost
  • Fat Blaster
  • Brain Fog Removal
  • Mood Stabilization
  • Better Sleep


Wellness Counseling
  • Wellness Counseling

    The wellness visit is a 30 minute visit that is geared toward lifestyle and personal guidance/enhancement. Everyone is fighting a battle of some sort, and sometimes we need someone to help us along the way. On the other hand, there are some people that just need to vent! Either way, this package is geared toward helping you through that tough time in your life by providing you with one on one guidance and support. You no longer have to go through life alone. This visit can include anxiety and depression diagnosis plus guidance and treatment. I am here for you!

Featured Services

IV Hydration Nutrient Therapy

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Let’s Work Together

Meet the first African American nurse practitioner to create a Mental & Medical Spa in Ohio. Ashley is an avid advocate for health and wellness for men and women of every age and race. She is excited to collaborate with other like-minded brands and businesses to elevate business opportunities for both brands. Featured brand collaborations include fitness centers and gyms, wellness centers, community outreach centers, hotels, corporations of all sizes, medical practices, salons, alternative healing centers and many more. Please inquire about collaboration opportunities with House of Restoration Mental and Medical Oasis.

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House of Restoration has numerous services that can enhance your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Providing specialized care and creating a long-term plan of happiness is our goal. We want to see you living the best version of yourself.



House of Restoration wants to lead you to a better you; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Having someone to guide you in life is essential. We want to show you how to properly care for yourself today because your tomorrow’s self depends on it.

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